The Artist's Voice:  ITALY
Venice & The Italian Dolomites

June 12-21 2019

What is "The Artist's Voice"?  
It's a photography retreat. 
It's an awesome adventure. 
It's how we roll, baby. 

I know that YOU, my friend, are itching for a way to connect photographic technique with your artistic, expressive voice inside - and deftly weave it into the pixels of your images.

You crave that leap from "Pretty darn good"  to "OMG!!" photos. You want to tell stories with your images; share a  feeling, an emotion,
transport people with your art.  You want it to be fun. Delicious.  A whole-body experience worth singing about.  

You know it’s in there somewhere.  You can feel it in your bones. 
And you can’t. Stop. Thinking. About it. 
It’s why you keep looking. Searching. What’s more… 

The time is NOW! An artistic adventure of a lifetime beckons... 


 Here’s how:

I schedule a personal conversation with each attendee before they even sign up: it gets us off on the right foot!

(It’s also part of the "secret sauce" that creates this utterly unique brand of photo retreat/adventure.)

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Trip Highlights
June 12-15, 2019

Luigi Barzini, writing in The New York Times, describes Venice as "undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man." Photographer Randy Jay Braun calls Venice a “city of layers and textures and reflections”.

On this fabulous 4-day/3-night segment of our retreat and adventure rolled into one,
you’ll have an opportunity to get lost in the beauty and magic of this unique place. You'll be free to see, yet never feel lost with our highly experienced and discreet local guides always on hand.

Venice is divided into six sestieri, or neighborhoods, each with its own personality and its own delightful stories. We’ll visit the best;  from Cannaregio, home to the largest population in the city - 
to San Polo,  the oldest section.

We’ll capture the iconic spots like Saint Mark's Square and the Doge's Palace and prisons… then deep dive for the myriad of hidden gems tucked away in top secret spots that tourists don't even know exist!

We'll visit islands on our own private sunset boat tour, wander quiet streets,
reflect upon the colors, textures and waters of this magical city!
In so doing, we’ll experience the true Venetian lifestyle like a local and capture it all through the lens of our cameras and soul's voice. 

June 15-21, 2019

After 4 breathtaking days in Venice, we'll switch gears and transfer to the Alta Badia region of the Dolomite Mountains for a whole new experience and perspective. 

You'll expand your vision as we explore the majestic Italian Dolomites, camera in hand; traveling with like-minded photographers and instructors. On this adventure, you’ll have plenty of time to pause, breathe the fresh mountain air and let a sense of awe capture your imagination as it fills your being with joy and wonder.

You'll discover the Dolomites' hidden valleys where the architecture, cuisine and language reflect the delightful blend of Italian and Austrian and Ladin cultures which make this region utterly unique, as you create images telling YOUR story, expressing the kaleidoscope of emotion this region awakens within.

Daily excursions include walks through charming mountain villages and hikes on trails to a few of the most spectacular vistas on Earth. Swoon! No need to feel rushed either, since you will be among other photographers who understand that a great image, spoken in a soul’s language, takes some time to capture.

Photograph the breathtaking beauty, or simply sit back and soak in the sunsets and sunrises from
Corvara Village, with marvelous views of the Pelmo Massif.

After-hours classes give you an opportunity to share images, receive feedback  (one of the most requested activities!), learn an approach to post-processing aimed at carrying your vision all the way through to finished product.

​​​​​​​All levels of photographers are welcome.

Have a “non-photographer” spouse or partner who is hankering to experience the Dolomite Alps?
Bring them along! There are so many activities are available in the Alta Badia region to enjoy even if you never take a single photograph.

NOTE: basic operating knowledge of your DSLR camera - or whatever camera you use (including your phone camera) - and of your laptop or tablet is required. As a participant, you must be prepared to hike on trails while carrying your own camera gear, an extra layer of clothing, and water.

That said, it's not boot camp! You’ll have options to hike or ride chair lifts much of the time,
so don’t worry about being forced to hike like a mountain goat every day!

What are  "The Artist's Voice Retreats" all about? 

Join us for a brand new "Artist's Voice" experience: 


This is photography on a whole new level.


How to "SEE" photographically in new and unique ways...
The power of AWE to transform and elevate your art - and your life... 
TECHNIQUES for working with - not fighting - both outer conditions and your own expectations... 
A tried 'n true process to FOCUS yourself when everything conspires to distract you... 
How to TELL THE STORY of your entire experience, from the intimate to the grand landscape... 
all based upon your own unique artistic voice. Your SOUL'S VOICE.

It knows what it loves,
what makes it’s heart sing,
it’s where your true vision lies,
it has no doubt. 

It’s what you’ve been longing to connect with, but had no idea how to go about it.

Now you will.  

And you don’t need to be a pro or super experienced.
You DO need an open heart, mind and the camera/tripod you’re most comfortable with.

 This is not about learning your gear;
it's about learning what your heart can create with it!

I remember this very clearly - the moment when my view of the world shifted
from chaos to peace. I felt it within myself. In that moment, I  finally understood how sharing  through
my art and through my life is a gift.
Suddenly it made sense in a whole new way. 

Once I saw and felt that peace, I saw photos everywhere.   THANK YOU!!       
-- Lisa Peterson

“When I went to Venice, I discovered that my dream had become - incredibly,
but quite simply - ​​​​​​​my address.” 
--Marcel Proust
10 Day Tour, 9 nights “Venice/Dolomite Combo - $6800.00

Spouse or Partner “non-photographer” add on - $3800.00

Venice Only Option – 4 day, 3 night tour - $2900.00

Spouse or Partner “non-photographer” add on for Venice - $1500.00

Italian Dolomites-only  Option - $5250, which includes transfer from Venice.

Trip Details:
​​​​​​​The Full Itinerary

DISCLOSURE:  Our itinerary may vary based upon weather conditions, fitness levels and abilities of participants and/or the recommendations of your guide.
Please note that all suggested locations/activities could be changed.

Ample free time will be provided throughout each day for self exploration, personal assignments, photo processing on your own - or just a snack. ;)

Day 1- June 12th, 2019: VENICE
LODGING: Hotel Casa Verardo, Venice

Arrival and check-in hotel Casa Verardo. After lunch, we’ll take a vaporetto to San Giorgio Maggiore Island - then a 2nd Vaporetto to Giardini La Biennale and Arsenale. These two beautiful areas are a part of Sestiere Castello, a true "locals" neighborhood of Venice.  After dinner; night shooting at Piazza San Marco!

Day 2- June 13th, 2019
Breakfast included… Hotel Casa Verardo

Early next morning, we’re off to the fish market of Rialto - then to Piazza San Marco (Basilica di San Marco).
We’ll make stops along the way at La Fenice Theatre, La Accademia,  Santa Maria della Salute, Campo Santa Margherita, Santa Maria dei Frari, Santa Lucia and the Ghetto - Fondamenta Nove, then  back to the hotel.

Our main focus this day will those little hidden corners of the city; where there are endless stories just waiting to be told, away from the teeming hordes of tourists.

Day 3 – June 14th, 2019
Murano, Burano, Torcello and the other Islands
Breakfast included….Hotel Casa Verardo

Today we enjoy a lovely day visiting three  charming islands of the Veniatian "lagoon"; Murano, Burano and Torcello. We'll take a public boat, or “vaporetto” to the island of Murano, the most famous of the Venetian Islands. It's home to the world renowned "Murano Glass", which is produced right there.

A bit of history: the  people of Venice have been making crystal and glass since the 10th Century, when the Venetian merchants brought back the secrets of production from the East.

During your time on Murano, we’ll visit the Murano Glass Museum;  
each piece exemplifying the legendary glass produced here.

From Murano, we’ll hop on the “vaporetto” to the Island of Burano, famous for its lace-making industry. This delightful fishing village is one of the most picturesque spots on the Venetian lagoon, with its charming, brightly-colored houses of all hues lining every street and canal. 

Our next vaporetto whisks us to the island of Torcello. Spectacular Byzantine mosaics secreted away in the seventh century Cathedral of Santa Maria dell'Assunta make Torcello a special place indeed.
What's more, much of the island is a nature preserve, accessible only by walking paths.

Afternoon return to Venice by vaporetto.

Day 4- June 15th, 2019

Free morning to explore on your own in Venice.

We will check out of our hotel and have lunch together before we board the van to
transfer to the Alta Badia Region of the Dolomites.
Driving time is estimated at 2.5 hours.
We should arrive in the quaint town of San Cassiano by approximately 4PM.

Dinner included at the family-run Hotel Conturines in San Cassiano, Alta Badia

Located in a large valley surrounded by the gorgeous Alta Badia and San Cassiano mountain peaks, this is truly the “heart of the Dolomites.” Nestled in the South Tyrol (Südtirol) region,  this area was part of Austria prior to World War I. We’ll explore unique mountain scenery during our stay here, visit historic villages, each one rich in natural beauty and ancient traditions, experience the simple, everyday life of the local people (the “Ladini”), as well as the Ladin people's customs, traditions and ancient culture.

You’ll notice street signs written in three languages – first in Ladino (a neo- Latin language), then in German, and lastly, Italian. You'll see how the mixed culture is not only marked in the language,
but also in the architecture and cuisine.

Each day, we’ll enjoy the yummy, hearty meals that are representative of the incredible diversity of this region! 

Day 5- June 16th, 2019 ~ Pralongia
Breakfast/Dinner included at the family-run Hotel Conturines in San Cassiano, Alta Badia

In the morning , we reach the Pralongia High Plateau. It’s possible to ascend/descend the Pralongia Plateau either on foot, or by cable car.  We love options! We'll discuss which one is right for you  the evening prior.

This entire area is surrounded by mountains, including the Marmolada (3,343m / 10,964'); the Queen of the Dolomites and the highest peak; also home to its largest remaining glacier. Once on the Plateau, there are plenty of rifugios (mountain inns) from which you can photograph the panorama and enjoy a typical lunch of the area.

(1-3 hours of hiking, depending on how long you wish to go)

Day 6 – June 17th, 2019 ~ Fanes
Breakfast/Dinner included at the family-run Hotel Conturines in San Cassiano, Alta Badia

In the morning, we'll take our private transfer to Capanna Alpina (1,726m / 5,663'), a restaurant built at the edge of a Natural Park; such a gorgeous spot!
From there, we'll begin a gentle hike up on trail n.11 for about 1 hour.
At the top is the breathtaking Col de Locia (2,069m / 6,788'). 
The awe-inspiring beauty of Alta Badia spreads out before your eyes and you can't help but pinch yourself! 
Col de Locia marks the entrance of a veritable fairy tale valley in the midst of the mountains,
lush with green pastures.

The route continues through a beautiful high meadow and karst formations, heading upwards to the Forcella del Lago; a narrow and dramatic gap in the mountain with a trail descent through steep talus on the south side.
At the base of the slope is Lago Lagacio' a beautiful lake whose green waters are framed by pines  against a stunning backdrop of the sheer walls of the Cima del Lago and the Cima Scotoni.
From the lake, you can take our private transfer - or hike back.

(~4 hours hiking 7-8km 4 miles, 755m / 2477' ascent, 492m / 1615' descent – other options will be available)

Day 7- June 18th, 2018 ~ Kostner
Breakfast/Dinner included at the family-run Hotel Conturines in San Cassiano, Alta Badia

Within the enormous fortress-shaped Sella Massif is an excellent network of paths. While its sheer flanks are reserved for mountaineers and via ferrata experts, the paths are much more sensible and will be our way up. The 3,152-meter (10,341') pyramidal peak, Piz Boè, can be seen from any of the four passes that bound the Sella Massif. You have to see it to believe it! 

We’ll hike up to Rifugio Franz Kostner, perched atop a natural rock balcony at 2,536 meters (8,320'). From there, photograph the incomparable views of some of the most famous Dolomites peaks, including Marmolada (2,950m / 9,678') and Antelao (3,264m / 10,709'), the two highest in the Dolomites.

We take a private transfer to Passo Campolongo to begin this beautiful hike, then return to Corvara on the same path, or take the Vallon chair lift and the Boè Cable car down to Corvara.
There is also an option to take the chair lift up to this location.

(4-5 hours hiking 7km / 4,35 miles, 660m / 2,165’ ascent and descent.)
Option to ascend via the Boè cable car and Vallon chair lift.

Day 8 –June 19th, 2019 ~ WW1 tunnels - Mount Lagazuoi – Rifugio overnight experience (guided)
Breakfast and Dinner… Rifugio Lagazoi

In the morning, we’ll take a private transfer to Passo Valparola (2,168m / 7,113'). From here, we'll have a wonderful guide taking us to  the Cengia Martini “Sentiero Kaiserjäger” on a well-equipped path.  This brings us to the peak of Lagazuoi Piccolo (2,778m /9,114’) in a couple of hours of morning hiking
(1.7km / 1.1 miles, 522m / 1,714' ascent).

Up here, the sacrifice of the Alpini (Italian Mountain Troopers) and the Kaiserjäger (Austrian Alpine Troopers) will forever be a part of this area's local history. In their honor, the original via ferrata was rebuilt into a walkable trail, which we'll follow. 

The path begins from the Vonbank front line near our Rifugio and leads to the ruins of Austrian battle positions nestled against a large rock near the road. The rifle-pits were also restored and made accessible. We'll experience the strategic value of this battle position, which towers over the Falzarego Pass.
Superb panoramas of the Dolomite Mountains, as far as the Austrian Alps, stretch out before us from the vantage point; offering a multitude of fabulous photo opportunities. 

Then it’s on to lunch at Rifugio Lagazuoi, one of the highest huts in the Dolomites, and in the afternoon discover the WW1 Tunnels,  an easy 200m / 656’ descent on a "sentiero attrezzato." This very particular remnant of the First World War is both sobering and stunning. Now equipped with cables for safety, our path will  lead us through the famous winding tunnel created by the Italian soldiers. Starting from Cengia Martini they dug through the Piccolo Lagazuoi to attack the Austrian soldiers occupying the summit.

Its dark and damp environment is only rarely broken by a few spectacular windows cut out of the rock, before it opens out below at Cengia Martini and the military remnants. You’ll gain an all new appreciation for the enormous hardship and suffering endured by the troops fighting on both sides of the Great War in the Dolomites.

This night we’ll stay at Rifugio Lagazuoi, one of the highest rifugios in the Dolomites. It’s a glorious point to photograph both sunset and the sunrise.

Day 9 –June 20th, 2019 ~ Ladin Cultural Day
Breakfast/Dinner included at the family-run Hotel Conturines in San Cassiano, Alta Badia

After breakfast, we take the gondola to Passo Falzarego, then by private transfer travel to La Villa.
Shifting from a landscape focus, we’ll broaden our visual horizons to take in the cooking, landscape, and animals of a traditional Ladino working farm; Maso Runch. From La Villa (1,433m/4,701') we’ll “forest bathe” amongst the beautiful trees there. We’ll see the deer-park, Lake Sompunt and then continue on to the Maso Runch (1,474m / 4,836'), photographing all along the way. 

This dairy farm is situated at the foot of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park - and is surrounded by meadows and woods above the village of Badia. We’ll explore the farm and its facilities, including the farmstead, the mill, the stable and the hayloft; learning first-hand about daily life at the farmstead. The whole time, you’ll photograph the parts that make your heart sing, capturing utterly unique images of this way of life. 

At noon: a typical Ladino lunch in one of the historic houses at Maso Runch.
After our delicious lunch, we hop on our private transfer back to San Cassiano.
(2.5 hours hiking 5,4km / 3.4 miles, 310m / 1,017' ascent, 370m/1,214' descent.)

Presentations and photo workshop wrap-up for those departing on June 21st, 2018

Day 10 – June 21st, 2019 ~ Departure Day
Breakfast/Dinner included at the family-run Hotel Conturines in San Cassiano, Alta Badia

Departure Day Breakfast and private group transfer to the Venice Airport.


10 Day Tour, 9 nights “Venice/Dolomite Combo - $6800.00
Spouse or Partner “non-photographer” add on - $3800.00
Venice Only Option – 4 day, 3 night tour - $2900.00
Spouse or Partner “non-photographer” add on for Venice - $1500.00
Italian Dolomites-only  Option - $5250, which includes transfer from Venice.

Cost includes:

  • Trip briefing
  • Logistic and map of the area
  • 3 night accommodation at Casa Verardo in Venice
  • Boat transfer in Venice as per itinerary
  • 6 night accommodation at Hotel Conturines in San Cassiano, Alta Badia (Superior room)
  • 1 night accommodation in rifugio *shared dorms
  • Local English speaking UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain guide for 1 day on Day 8
  • Helmet rental ON DAY 8
  • All breakfasts
  • 4 course dinners beginning on Day 4 thru Day 9 
  • Private transfers as per itinerary
  • Duffel bag transfer to rifugio
  • Lift ticket pass for 3 days
  • Tourist tax
  • 22% Italian VAT

Cost does not include:
  • Air fare
  • Airport transfers (on request)- from Marco Polo to Venice
  • Lunches
  • Lift ticket on day 8
  • Extra charges due to changes in itinerary
  • Items not on set dinner menu
  • Beverages except what is served at breakfast
  • Bottled water
  • Insurance
  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • Items of personal nature (phone calls, laundry, excess baggage charge, etc.)
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Anything not mentioned in “cost includes”

​​​​​​​Your accommodations:

Castello, 4765-1030122 Venezia
+39 041 05286127
Boutique Hotel Casa Verardo is a hotel de charme housed in Venice in an elegant, historical XVI century Venetian Palazzo, just a few steps from San Marco Square. Casa Verardo enjoys a privileged location in Venice: it is indeed set in downtown, very close to Campo SS. Filippo e Giacomo, moments from San Marco Square and in the path to Rialto Bridge. Close to Casa Verardo you will find San Marco square, the museum of Palazzo Grimani, the picture gallery of Querini Stampalia, the renovation thereof was curated by the famous architect Carlo Scarpa in the 60s, UNESCO Office, Rialto bridge, the Arsenale and all the venues of La Biennale.



Despite the very central position, so convenient to reach all the major points of attraction in Venice, Casa Verardo is nestled in such a silent corner facing the little and quite canal named Rio Drio La Chiesa.
HOTEL CONTURINES (3-STAR Superior) Via Micurà de Rü, 59 39030 San Cassiano (BZ) +39 0471 849464

The third-generation family-run Hotel Conturines Posta is ideally located in the heart of the San Cassiano, in a quiet location walking distance to ski lifts. The hotel features spectacular views of the mountains from the terrace and guest rooms, and most rooms have balconies. The dining room offers various culinary delights, with a focus on fresh and regional ingredients. There is also a recently renovated wellness area and a fitness room.

 Cortina d'Ampezzo Elevation 2,752 meters / 9,029 feet +39 0436 867303 +39 340 7195306 mobile

Perched near the summit of Mount Lagazuoi, Rifugio Lagazuoi is one of the highest rifugio in the Dolomites. On its patios you feel as though you're sitting at the edge of the world – with 360° views of the surrounding mountains, including the two highest peaks of the Dolomites. From here you can explore restored galleries, trenches, and emplacements from WWI. Set just above the Lagazuoi gondola, it is also the perfect lodging for skiing.​​​​​​​

Is this event right for me? Am I right for it?

This retreat is for you if… 

:  You know how to photograph, but you feel like your images are crying out for a “certain something”. Maybe they don’t stand out, they fall short of what you were seeing when you took the shot – or worse yet, are simply the visual equivalent of elevator music.
:  You are a photographer who feels you already have a “voice” – at least you understand the concept - but want your images to more consistently  express that voice, tell stronger stories, over a wider range of subject matter AND you want an incredible adventure to remember! (No, you're not too "wanty"... you can have all those things!)
:  You are an awe-seeking, soul-inspired photographer jonesing to leap into a whole new level of creativity; feeling excited and confident about your photography, inspiring others with the images you create. And you want all of that whilst hanging out with a group of like-minded people who loves this stuff too – and has a “BRING IT” attitude. Aww yeah Baby... you've found your people!!
This retreat is NOT for you if…
:   You are not physically fit enough or able to engage in and enjoy the activities planned. (If you're not sure, let's schedule a chat to see what the options are!)

:  You're obsessed only with "getting the shot", aren't interested in broadening your focus - or digging deeper. Then... well...  this is sooo not for you.
:  You believe that gear, settings and technique are the main event in photography and feelings/emotion/vision makes you want to fling yourself off a cliff. (While gear and post-processing are always part of the conversation, they are not the main event of this experience.)
The most important part of any camera
is the twelve inches behind it. 
-- Ansel Adams
Reserve Your Spot Now!
Can't wait to breathe in some fresh Italian Dolomites mountain air?  Let's schedule a chat!I speak with each participant prior to signing up.  

Simply send us your name and email - and we'll  be in touch shortly to set up a time!
"The whole process made us more focused in ourselves, able to find our ground and discover where and how we want to be....
and not just as photographers!" -
- Lauri Novak 
Hotelier, Adventurer, Designer of Awe​​​​​​​

Behind the scenes is where the magic begins. That's where you'll find the incomparable Patty Baird. Her gift: creating the most amazing client experiences on the planet.

Patty & her husband Jeff own the boutique, European-styled Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, CA, as well as the hotel's adventure travel company division. Accolades and features in such luminous publications as the NY Times, Sunset Magazine, Wall Street Journal & San Francisco Chronicle abound. 

Guests effuse: "Patty is the perfect host!" "Exceeded all our expectations!"

Peas in a pod, Karen & Patty have teamed up to take "The Artist's Voice" adventures to all new heights and to bring the power of AWE to each and every event.


Love for "The Artists' Voice'"...

"I feel like I'm coming back a different photographer... A serious introspective look into the soul,
and how you bring that out in your photography.."  -- Mike Roberts

"Usually when I get back from a trip I feel stressed, tired, need to recoup and get back to reality. 
This time I was completely relaxed and it was easy; no stress and no post trip depression.
Just amazing memories, photographs, new tools and a renewed outlook on life.
Thank you!" 
— Lauri Novak

WAY blew out all expectations & then alot more on top.

I'd say if you really want to get more enjoyment out of your hobby or pro photography, you must take this amazing retreat with Karen! And may I add... 
Patty and KHutt make THE best team - every need covered and awesome surprises to boot.
​​​​​​​-- Tom Buerghi

I have always loved Karen's art and to get to learn from her, was the best.

On a personal level, I needed something positive to force a turnabout in my life. 

My artistic goal was to channel my vulnerabilities into a new way of seeing and creating with my camera.

The retreat accomplished both goals and I gained some valuable friends in the process and so much more. 

My favorite images all had something in common: a memorizing feeling that captivated me when I set sight on it. Those images were truly special (my best). It was as if my personal feelings were somehow imbedded into the metadata of those images.  Karen gave me the tools to learn to use  find 'my voice’ and to create with that voice. 
-- Barb Cochran

Sometimes I overthink shots. Your approach taught me to appreciate right where I am in the moment. This helped me calm my thoughts about theory and the technical aspect of my shot and instead focus on form, movement and flow in my frame.

From now on, regardless of what or where I am photographing, I am going to ground myself before looking through the view finder.
I now know that this will make me much more aware of my surroundings and will lead to much better images in the end. 

BTW:  Partnering with Patty was a great fit! She went above and beyond to make our stay such a wonderful experience.  
​​​​​​​-- Elizabeth Gray

"Having met Karen and knowing who she drew me in first. I love what Karen speaks about in her own work. I like that her work comes from a place of centered knowing.  

​​​​​​​The best part: I absolutely found the next level of my artistic voice!" 
— Elle Bruce

This was not a tourist excursion. We visited beautiful, inspiring locations that were not on the typical tourist map! I am in a place in my photography where it is ok for me to pay attention to what others are shooting and why; but it is also imperative that I find what makes me tick, as well. Because of Karen's approach, I was able to find the right balance for me.

To anyone reading this, I can only say:  Go! Get inspired by beautiful people with a profound message.

To Karen: thanks for the life-changing experience and for inspiring me to do more!

--Dottie Larson

I felt warm, I felt invited and I felt like I could just be me… which made me feel like I could open up and believe that I could find my voice. -- Debra Tufts

"I spent 8 glorious days on the French Riviera with Karen Hutton. 'Finding Your Artistic Voice' is more then what the title suggests. It is learning who you really are,what speaks to you as an artist, learning to articulate it as your voice. The inner radiant fire. 

I made some amazing friends, danced along the boardwalk in Cannes, laughed until I cried and found myself in so many ways." 
-- Jennifer Walton

Playing during the Retreat included: trying to capture what I felt and what I love through my lens, learning photo blurring, doing a little dance, singing a little song, drinking a little Prosecco ;) 

Through all of this, I reclaimed parts of me and found pure joy and freedom in just being me again. This was all possible because each of you were willing to fully show up and be vulnerable and open as well...and together we created connection...a connection, I believe, that inspires us to step more fully into ourselves. 

I can't think of a better way to foster creativity than through the beauty of connection--with one's self, one's environment, and others. 

These moments will stay with me forever. ❤️​​​​​​​
Robin Rolley

Timing not right for you, but don't want to miss out?  Then join me for another upcoming photo adventure!

The Artist’s Voice.
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