The Artist's Voice: Lake Tahoe


You’ve been there, done ‘em when it comes to photography workshops. You're like [shrug] "Whatevs." They're all fine and dandy, but you’re hungering for something… more. 

YOU, my friend, are itching to connect photographic technique with your   artistic, expressive voice inside and apply it liberally to
nature & landscape photography.

Your craving? To take your images from  "Pretty darn good"  to "OMG!!

  It’s eluded you so far, but it’s there.  You know it. You can feel it in your bones. It’s why you keep searching. What's more... 



The Artist’s Voice Photography Retreats are all about expression, creative energy and making amazing images.

That’s why I have a conversation with each attendee before signing up. It  helps set the stage for an awesome creative environment, by seeing to that everyone is on the page &  ready to inspire one another. 

 It’s also part of the "secret sauce" that makes this such a unique photo adventure and ensures everyone has an experience that lasts a lifetime! 

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I so get it. On every level.

Know what?


Scroll down to learn more about  The Artist's Voice Retreat in Lake Tahoe/Truckee... 

Find your photographic voice.

With me.

In the mountains that I call HOME!

This is photography on a whole new level.


How to "SEE" photographically in new and unique ways...
Techniques for working with - not fighting - both outer conditions and your own expectations... 
A tried 'n true process to FOCUS yourself when everything conspires to distract you... 
How to TELL THE STORY of your entire experience, from the intimate to the grand landscape... 
all based upon your own unique artistic voice. Your SOUL'S VOICE.

It knows what it loves,
what makes it’s heart sing,
it’s where your true vision lies,
it has no doubt. 

It’s what you’ve been longing to connect with, but had no idea how to go about it.

Now you will.  

You don’t need to be a pro or super experienced.
You DO need an open heart, mind and the camera/tripod you’re most comfortable with.

 This is not about learning your gear;
it's about learning what your heart can create with it!

"I felt warm, I felt invited and like I could just be me…
 which in turn made me feel like I could relax,
 open up and believe that I could find my voice." -- Debra Tufts

To breathe the same air as the angels,
you must go to Tahoe.
-- Mark Twain

Love for The Artist's Voice
Participants in The Artist's Voice Retreat  share what they love about their experience.  Yep, it all started in France... 

Is this event right for me? Am I right for it?

This retreat is for you if… 

:  You already know how to photograph, but feel like your images lack a “certain something”. Meaning: they don’t stand out, they fall short of what you were seeing when you took the shot – or worse yet, are simply the visual equivalent of elevator music.
:  You are a photographer who feels she already has a “voice” – or at least understands the concept – but is wondering how to make her images express that voice more consistently, over a wider range of subject matter.
:  You are a photographer wanting to continue down your creative path with a sense of renewed & refreshed thoughts and ideas. You might even want a bit of a boot out of your comfort zone!
:  You embrace the notion that gear isn’t everything; it’s meant to serve you and not the other way around.
:  You dream of feeling excited and confident about your photography, of inspiring others with the images you create, of hanging out with a group of like-minded people who all loves this stuff as much as you do – and have a “BRING IT” attitude.
This retreat is NOT for you if…
:  You're obsessed with "getting the shot" at all costs and aren't interested in broadening your focus.
… then yeahhh, this is so not for you.
:  You go to these events so you can teach others in the workshop and pump your own event … noooooooo!
:  You believe that gear, settings and technique are the main event in photography and feelings/emotion/vision makes you want to fling yourself off a cliff. (While gear and post-processing are always part of the conversation, they are not the main event of this experience.)
:  You have a camera, but don’t know how to use it 'at all' – or you need tons of help. Hey that’s OK! This workshop doesn’t cover that… but I’m happy to recommend some who do.


I'll be in touch soon to schedule a pre-signup chat!

The most important part of any camera
is the twelve inches behind it. 
-- Ansel Adams


This retreat is designed for all levels! ​​​​​
REQUIRED: you must have a working knowledge of the camera you bring.
This event is not about learning new gear. It's about learning what you can create with it.

Tripods are highly recommended.

The Artists Voice Package Includes: 

5 Nights' Accommodation at Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, CA. 

​Welcome orientation and wine/cheese reception the first evening

Breakfasts and picnic lunches each day

One group dinner, where you'll enjoy the fresh-sourced foods that Truckee has become known for. 

1:1 time with Karen Hutton in a small, intimate group setting

Daily photo walks in a new location each day with feedback, photo critiques, and guidance from Karen.

One hike: a short loop of the Pacific Crest Trail. It's a moderate 1.6 mile hike that starts at about 7200 ft, with a 531 ft. of elevation gain. We'll be photographing along the way, thus will take it slow.
Transportation to and from the hotel to our photo locations during the retreat. 
(Full location details available to participants.) 

Shared room cost per person: $3395
Private room cost per person: $3895

The Artists Voice Package DOES NOT Include:

Air transportation
Transportation to/from airport
Car rental
Meals/food beyond what is described
Beverages or personal expenses

Reserve Your Spot Now!
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I speak with each participant prior to signing up.  
Simply send I your name and email - and I'll  be in touch shortly. 
"The whole process made us more focused in ourselves,
 able to find our ground and discover where and how we want to be....
and not just as photographers!" -- Lauri Novak 

Love for "The Artists' Voice'"...

"I feel like I'm coming back a different photographer... A serious introspective look into the soul,

and how you bring that out in your photography.."  -- Mike Roberts

"Usually when I get back from a trip I feel stressed, tired, need to recoup and get back to reality. This time I was completely relaxed and it was easy; no stress and no post trip depression. Just amazing memories, photographs, new tools and a renewed outlook on life. Thank you!" — Lauri Novak

"On a personal level, I needed something positive to force a turnabout in my life. 
My artistic goal was to channel my vulnerabilities into a new way of seeing and creating with my camera.

The retreat accomplished both goals and I gained some valuable friends in the process and so much more. 

My favorite images all had something in common: a memorizing feeling that captivated me when I set sight on it. Those images were truly special (my best). It was as if my personal feelings were somehow imbedded into the metadata of those images.  Karen gave me the tools to learn to use  find 'my voice’ and to create with that voice.

I have always loved Karen's art and to get to learn from her, was the best." 
-- Barb Cochran

"Having met Karen and knowing who she drew me in first. I love what Karen speaks about in her own work. I like that her work comes from a place of centered knowing.  The best part: I absolutely found the next level of my artistic voice!"
— Elle Bruce

"I spent 8 glorious days on the French Riviera with Karen Hutton.
'Finding Your Artistic Voice' is more then what the title suggests. It is learning who you really are,
what speaks to you as an artist, learning to articulate it as your voice. The inner radiant fire. 

I made some amazing friends, danced along the boardwalk in Cannes,
laughed until I cried and found myself in so many ways." 
-- Jennifer Walton

Playing during the Retreat included: trying to capture what I felt and what I love through my lens, learning photo blurring, doing a little dance, singing a little song, drinking a little Prosecco ;) 

Through all of this, I reclaimed parts of me and found pure joy and freedom in just being me again. This was all possible because each of you were willing to fully show up and be vulnerable and open as well...and together we created connection...a connection, I believe, that inspires us to step more fully into ourselves. 

I can't think of a better way to foster creativity than through the beauty of connection--with one's self, one's environment, and others. 

These moments will stay with me forever. ❤️​​​​​​​ --
Robin Rolley

October not prime time for you?
Then join me for another upcoming photo adventure!