In the beautiful Lake Tahoe /Truckee area! 

Now let me get this straight.

Photography workshops: you’ve been there, done ‘em. You're like [shrug] "Whatevs."
They've all been fine and dandy, but you’re hungering for something… more. 

You long for a heart & soul connection that can be seen, heard and felt in your work.

 Heck, any work - why stop at photography? (After all… life is art!)

 You’re itching to connect photographic technique with your artistic, expressive voice inside - and apply it liberally to nature & landscape photography.

 You want your images to sing out in your one, true voice.

You want to photograph, create art, to LIVE from there.

It’s eluded you so far, but it’s there.
You can feel it in your bones. It’s why you keep searching.


I so get it. On every level.

Know what?

Find your photographic voice.

With me.

In the mountains that I call HOME!
This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for 1:1 time with me in the Lake Tahoe Region during the fabulous month of October. It's Mother Nature's most colorful time of year!  

​​​​More than a big game hunt for fall color, this event is about the ENTIRE experience. 

​You’ll be treated to daily photo walks next to one of the most beautiful high-mountain lakes in the world, hike incredible trails built during the California Gold Rush, learn some of my "secret spots" to photograph - ​​and enjoy delicious meals that nurture mind, body and soul.
It's a gathering of like-minded people with a powerful focus;
to experience and capture the "brushstroke of creation" that is Mother Nature;
through the lens of their deepest and  truest photographic "voice."


"I felt warm, I felt invited and like I could just be me…
 which in turn made me feel like I could relax,
 open up and believe that I could find my voice." -- Debra Tufts

To breathe the same air as the angels,
you must go to Tahoe.
-- Mark Twain
What the heck is a photo retreat??
Here's what participants had to say on our retreat in France!
Now, for the first time, I'm holding this amazing event in the U.S.!

This is photography on a whole new level.


How to "SEE" photographically in new and unique ways...
Techniques for working with - not fighting - both outer conditions and your own expectations... 
A tried 'n true process to FOCUS yourself when everything conspires to distract you... 
How to TELL THE STORY of your entire experience, from the intimate to the grand landscape... 
all based upon your own unique artistic voice. Your SOUL'S VOICE.

It knows what it loves, where your true vision lies and it has zero doubt.
It's what you’ve been longing to connect with, but had no idea how to go about it.

Yeah, we go there.

This photography workshop/retreat is for those who want to spend time with me surrounded by the magic of the mountains,  allowing the place itself to help call in your true artist’s voice.

You don’t need to be a pro or super experienced.
You DO need an open heart, mind and the camera/tripod you’re most comfortable with.

 This is not about learning your gear;
it's about learning what your heart can create with it!


The most important part of any camera
is the twelve inches behind it. 
-- Ansel Adams

This is for people seeking their own creative magic! 

We begin each day with breakfast our home base of the beautiful Cedar House Sport Hotel, 
hanging out with a small group of like-minded artists like yourself.

The first day, you'll learning new tools for awareness and creativity,  
so you can lock 'n load with what story your heart and soul REALLY want to tell.

Then we take these techniques out into the world and  
anchor into practical experience through daily photowalks and instruction

The cool thing?
This is a small group setting; where personal time, attention and feedback is all part of the flow. 

You'll receive photo critiques and daily feedback,
as you learn to create the storybook of your experience

with gorgeous photographs that reflect YOUR voice, your world view.

 You'll see a new locations around the beautiful Lake Tahoe region every day.
There's Tahoe of course, but we'll explore Donner Lake, old town Truckee,
​​​​​​​hike a beautiful loop of the Pacific Crest Trail and oh-so-much more.

You'll enjoy yummy picnic lunches in each location, too. 

There's a whole world up here in the Sierras, just waiting to share its stories with you. 
​​​​​​​We’ll experience them together, discovering - and photographing -
​​​​​​​the moments that make you light up like a Christmas tree!  

​​​​​​​In the end: you’ll have a set of photographs that tells YOUR story, using your unique, artistic voice.  

You'll walk away with a system to approach any new photographic situation with confidence,
knowing exactly how to hone in on the money shot 
will make your inner muse high-five herself with glee.

 Finding your voice is a game-changer. So is this place. 
This is where I learned to hear the soul of the Earth speak. When that happened... 

My photography changed,
My being changed,
​​​​​​​My beliefs about what it possible changed.


If the idea of finding YOUR artistic voice lights you up,  CONTACT ME​​​​​​​

This group is kept purposely small and tends to fill quickly!

Heck yeah! I want to go!

This retreat is designed for all levels! ​​​​​
REQUIRED: you must have a working knowledge of the camera you bring.
This event is not about learning new gear. It's about learning what you can create with it.

Tripods are highly recommended.

The Artists Voice Package Includes: 

5 Nights' Accommodation at Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, CA. 

​Welcome orientation and wine/cheese reception the first evening

Breakfasts and picnic lunches each day

One group dinner, where you'll enjoy the fresh-sourced foods that Truckee has become known for. 

1:1 time with Karen Hutton in a small, intimate group setting

Daily photo walks in a new location each day with feedback, photo critiques, and guidance from Karen.

One hike: a short loop of the Pacific Crest Trail. It's a moderate 1.6 mile hike that starts at about 7200 ft, with a 531 ft. of elevation gain. We'll be photographing along the way, thus will take it slow.
Transportation to and from the hotel to our photo locations during the retreat. 
(Full location details available to participants.) 

Shared room cost per person: $3395
Private room cost per person: $3895

The Artists Voice Package DOES NOT Include:

Air transportation
Transportation to/from airport
Car rental
Meals/food beyond what is described
Beverages or personal expenses

Reserve your spot now! 

"The whole process made us more focused in ourselves,
 able to find our ground and discover where and how we want to be....
and not just as photographers!" -- Lauri Novak 


You in? Got more questions?
Here's what's next... 

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I’ll be in touch to answer questions,  
explain the juicy details and help you register.

(Registrations accepted in the order received.)

DATES: October 7-12, 2018


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"I feel like I'm coming back a different photographer... A serious introspective look into the soul,
and how you bring that out in your photography.."  -- Mike Roberts